7 Wonderful ideas to improve the spaces of your home

This project is super inspiring if you are looking for ideas for your home. From the Italian office M16, this house stands out for its functionality and comfort. At home corner takes advantage of the space to make it much more practical. But that’s not all. The house is surprising with its details that propose functional ideas to divide spaces, organize objects and highlight some element. Do we know them?

Dividing spaces is a constant in small homes. In this project, a modern furniture in black color is used to separate the entrance of the house from the dining room. Undoubtedly, this element draws attention for its dark color that contrasts with the white reigning throughout the space. This alternative undoubtedly reinforces the boundaries between one place and another.

The furniture is not only an aesthetic value. Its minimalist and open design is functional and stands out for its straight lines and smooth surfaces.

The snail-shaped staircase takes all the applause. If you are thinking of renovating your house, I always include an architectural element that stands out. In this way space becomes more important.

In this case the staircase has been designed in wood, iron and glass. The combination between white and brown is great. An elegant contribution that, thanks to its shape, generates dynamism in space. How about?

This key, for sure, you know by heart: the white color enlarges the spaces and makes them much brighter. In the image you have an example. The hallway looks bigger than it actually is, the minimal cousin style. The walls are white, clean.

The floor, also in white, accompanies that idea. The lighting design is careful, it is mimicked in space.

A key to improving your kitchen is leaning towards integral furniture. In this way, space is better used. The shape in square or horseshoe, with an island in the center are the most conventional design due to its practicality.

One point that should not be forgotten is enlightenment. It is possible to opt for an integral design, that hierarquice the space, or that emphasizes some detail of the furniture.

In the kitchen an island or a bar are great complements. They add work area, can have several functions and serve to store things.

In this project, besides work table and kitchen, also serves as surface to taste food. But it’s not the only thing. In its base has several spaces of organization and saved.

A key to improving your kitchen is leaning towards integral furniture. In this way, space is used.

The integral furniture favors the spaces a lot. Their designs are very versatile and can be matched to every need.

When it comes to gaining space in a kitchen you have to take advantage of every m2. One option is to design custom furniture with multiple drawers, shelves, cupboards … Look at this cabinet! It is located under the island and is great for storing small items.

Finally, the minimalist style has several benefits. In this kitchen takes over the furniture, makes them super functional and makes the space look very nice and practical.