6 tips to reduce the budget of the home

Not spending time controlling our personal finances and choosing wisely how we spend money can have serious consequences for the family economy. Debts or reaching the limit at the end of the month are matters to take very seriously control of our economy. In this article we want to give you 6 tips to reduce the budget of the home.


To reduce the budget of the home is, of course, essential to know that budget! Are we clear about family income? Compulsory and recurring expenses? Those that are not necessary?

The family budget is the fundamental tool to control our expenses. As simple as picking up paper and pen and making two columns (or a spreadsheet on the computer, or one of the many apps designed for this purpose if we prefer the technology). In the column to the left we will indicate the incomes that go into the house: payroll, aids, extra work, amounts for return of receipts … In the column on the right we will record the expenses.

It is convenient to make a separation between compulsory and recurring expenses with the same amount (rent, mortgage, car letter …); those obligatory expenses with possibility of reduction (invoices, expenditure on food …) and occasional expenses (leisure, whims, etc.).

Tips to reduce the budget of the home


We already have the family budget under control. With the “photo” made of the way we spend money is very simple to indicate where we have the possibility of saving. The recommended thing is to reduce how much we need in the occasional and unnecessary expenses: the beers of the bar, the new clothes, and the gym that you have stopped going…

In addition to being a little more scrupulous in the occasional expenses, surely there is much to cut in those that are mandatory but with possibility of reduction.


On many occasions we are not aware of the expense of eating often away from home. The way of life so fast and the comfort of not cooking (besides the taste we have the croquettes of the restaurant below) pushes us, day and day also, to pull checkbook to eat.

Making the effort to cook and take a topper to work or prepare a picnic to go out to the park on Saturday now that the good weather arrives can save us a lot of money every month.


Electricity, telephone, heating, water … Obviously they are expenses that you cannot do without, but how long ago did you review the latest offers in the market? Are you paying for a service that other companies serve at half the price?

Not compromising with permanence contracts and updating ourselves often in terms of offers is an ideal way to reduce the budget of the home.


Spending time and having fun are not always synonymous with spending money on leisure. How long have you not been excited about a good book to spend an afternoon with? Can we save the visit to the cinema with a movie to rent, the one that we have been saying for years that we have to see?

Table games are a perfect option to spend time with your family, without having to spend more than the cost of the game (which we are sure to be able to pay).


There are many ways to reduce spending on the household budget item in which we invest the most money: food. Discount checks, supermarket loyalty card, wholesale purchases… You will surely find ways to save a few euros every week.

When it comes to going to the supermarket, make a closed list of what we need to avoid buying improvised, picking up unnecessary items. This saves up to 30%.

To make those occasional purchases of furniture, clothing or technology do not forget to visit the second-hand stores and specialized websites. Buying on the Internet means, on many occasions (and even talking about first-hand objects), save a large percentage.

Take advantage of the sale periods to buy, try to be strict and do not fall into consumerism.

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