7 Tips to Improve Harmony at Home

There are homes that, without knowing very well why, give off positive energy, are welcoming and invite to be there. Harmony at home depends on many things that you might not have thought about and that we detail in this article.

How to get harmony at home?

This article is dedicated to all those people who want to achieve harmony at home, whether it is a new home or if they want to transform it into a more welcoming place.

The main key, it is evident, is in the people who live in it and in the relationship that unites them.

Nevertheless, there are some factors that also influence and that we can modify to create a much more balanced and pleasant space.

Fill it with natural light

One of the issues that most influence the harmonious aspect of a home is natural light, which directly and positively affects our nervous system.

If we are not fortunate to receive natural light we can opt for broad spectrum light bulbs, which are the ones that emit a more natural light, and try to have clear and clear spaces.

Salt lamps are also a luminous element that gives great warmth to dark and cold corners of the house.

Incorporates plants and natural elements

Green is a balancing color that cannot be missed to achieve harmony at home, especially if we live in the city.

There are indoor plants which, in addition, have excellent air cleaning properties, better than any electric purifier, such as pouts.

Opt for simplicity and order

It seems a no-brainer, because the mothers usually criticize the lack of order and the accumulation of things in the rooms. However, it is not just an aesthetic question.

An orderly and uncluttered house is much more harmonious, welcoming and relaxing.

To do this, first of all, we must sieve what we really need, to get rid of the rest. This is a difficult but indispensable step.

Second, we will save what we do not use in the short term in lockers, storage rooms, attics or boxes.

Watch out for mirrors

According to Feng Shun, mirrors are very beneficial if we place them in the right place. They help us to enlarge small and narrow spaces and give light to dark spaces. In general, they should always reflect something nice and pleasant.

However, we must avoid them in the bedroom, especially if we can see them from the bed, as well as right at the entrance if they reflect the main door.

Nor are mirrors too small that reflect only a part of our body.

The aroma is important

Each home has an odor that characterizes it, and is usually the mixture of different aromas of the house. We should not overdo it with the use of air fresheners, much less if they are synthetic fragrances.

Ventilate daily

Much more important than the aroma we choose is the fact of getting used to ventilate the rooms daily, for a while each morning. This simple gesture allows us to renew the air of the house, to prevent humidity, to regulate the temperature, to avoid bad odors, etc.

Although there are houses that already have specific ventilation systems, the classic way is to open two doors or windows that are at opposite ends of the house.

Choose the colors well

By choosing the colors correctly we refer, first of all, to the walls, but also to the furniture, curtains and decorative elements in general. Also in this we must find the right point to achieve harmony at home.

  • The white, the neutral color, is very suitable for spaces in which we want to enhance the luminosity.
  • In cool houses we will add touches of orange, yellow and red.
  • In warm houses we will choose whites, blues and violets.
  • The green can bring, as we have said, with natural plants.
  • Some details of black or metallic colors will bring elegance and sophistication to the rooms.

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