7 Tips to improve home lighting

The best option and one of the best tips is to make the most of daylight and natural light using elements that regulate its intensity, such as the variety of curtains and blinds; however, we will also consider other alternatives to improve lighting in the rooms of your home.

Uses low voltage bulbs Enlightened

Medium or regular voltage bulbs are ideal since they give a soft and stable light sensation. These bulbs are practical and can be used in places like the study or the dining room, in this way the light will not be so extreme.

Avoid dazzling

We know that you want your house to stand out, but it is a mistake to make spaces look bright. If possible, if you do not have natural light, you can install a light dimmer that will allow you to adjust how intense you want the lighting in a certain space of your house.

Avoid the shadows

In open spaces such as the living room or dining room, shadows can be our enemies. Let’s try to make sure that the light bulb is not always central, but that it can spread light spots all over the room, so we will avoid the shadows considerably.

Lighting and harmony and it is

It is advisable to give harmony and a single line of lighting to your home. If you use incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs (white light) you must repeat the same pattern throughout the house. White lights with yellow will make the atmosphere more heavy and heavy, so in the corridors make sure the light is even and well distributed.

Avoid using yellow light bulbs

Although they are the most conventional and economical, these light bulbs make the space and spaciousness of the rooms more subtle and more when we talk about small floors or reduced stays as studies. Also, using this type of bulb will increase electricity consumption.

White light the ideal Wink

White lights are ideal for furnishing your home; the good thing about these luminaires is that you can combine them with other decorative objects like paper lamps or candelabra.

The light is cold so you will not feel a sensation of heat and better still, they allow the spaces to look wider. Remember that in addition, by using them you will be helping the environment.

Make the most of natural light

In the spaces where the possibility exists, you can adjust it with blinds or curtains of finishes and modern and classic designs.

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